Harford Stories

Lots of Courage
By: Jolie Winemiller

It all started the day of my father’s fun fly and my best friends were going to come up and watch. I was so excited I almost jumped out of the car. I told them about four wheeling and they said that was cool so after lunch we would go riding.

I invited Roni over to visit so she went riding too. After lunch we were on the wheels faster than a bolt of lightning. Roni didn’t know which way to go so she wasn’t following us. So it was Kandace, Kayla, and me. As the wind flew right through my hair I sighed with happiness. The sun was as bright as a light bulb and the grass still had the dew on from morning. I thought nothing could go wrong.

Suddenly Kandace made a sharp turn and flipped the rhino. As soon as I found out I was over there with them. I helped get Kayla’s foot out from under and all we could do is wait for help. I thought she would be ok until Kayla’s foot began to bleed. So that made us scared and even more sad. Then finally Roni comes down and I told her to go get help. So there we were Kandace crying, Kayla going into shock, and me with a heart beating 10 times faster than a normal heart.

Finally Roni came with over 30 people there to help. Kandace was still crying so I walked her up to the picnic area. As soon as we got there Kayla was already to go to the hospital. I got Kandace to go with after all the begging. But I learned that in that situation I kept everyone safe, calm, breathing, and they had a friend.

Still today Kayla is on crutches and Kandace still feels really bad. But they always tell people I was the person that saved Kayla and Kandace. And I will always keep that memory inside my heart forever.