Hi, I’m Jeff Winemiller I got into flying RC Helicopters in 2006 and quickly purchased a large piece of farm land in Harford PA. I turned it into a Fly Field and for the first year I took off and landed on the grass or platforms. My interest of RC Airplanes grew greater and I knew it was time to improve the field. In July 2007 I had a 40′x230′ paved runway put in, and then realized I had nowhere to go to get out of the weather so in October 2007 I put in a pavilion. As my interest grew and my RC group grew larger I knew I had to expand my runway. So in May 2008 I added to the existing runway to make it 40′x400′, added another runway 20′x230′ and paved the parking lot. In September 2008, I added a garage/workshop but it ended up not being big enough, a larger hanger was build in 2010. 2010 was a busy year. I became partners with The Hidden Hangar Hobbie Shop in November 2010 and proceeded to start my own hobbie shop off Dickson City exit called Time Flys Hobbies. Grande opening was Black Friday 2010.